Our associate business model enables us to meet the needs of organisations for an increasingly flexible workforce.  More and more, our clients look for the rapid and flexible creation of teams (both real and virtual) to perform a specific time-bound function.  With access to our wide skills base, they can readily deploy the correct combination of experience and abilities to get the job done.

We offer a range of skill and task-based associates – handling anything from simple, accurate data entry and cleansing, to expert project leadership and PMO architecture; from technology and security specialists to highly-experienced C-level individuals.  Whether you need to fill a short-term role, or have a longer-term interim engagement in mind, we will assign an associate who is closely matched to your purpose, known to us personally and retained by us based on their performance and proven abilities.


Access to specialist skills and experience
An external independent viewpoint
An augmented management team
Backfill for medium/long term absences
The ability to design a bespoke team
People who inspire and build momentum

Related work

Sales agency with ongoing strategic support

In building a partner network in the UK associated with its Printless service, our French client knew they would need a simple but comprehensive contract structure and content: a partnering Master Services Agreement with individual Customer Engagement Schedules, and back-to-back terms to enable partners to contract the service with their clients as well as a preliminary agreement of partnering ‘intent’, or Heads of Agreement.
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IT Strategy delivery projects for a national trade unions body

Following Acert’s strategic consultancy report for the TUC in Summer 2016, the senior executive team were keen to establish the IT steering group and appoint a part-time (virtual) Chief Information Officer, as well as to commission work on the IT risk register. Earlier analysis having revealed some onerous service agreements no longer fit for purpose, there was also an appetite to negotiate early savings where possible.
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Launching a new managed print service in the UK

A leading French provider in the world of managed print, our client’s software platform has more than 250,000 devices under management, serving countless end-users in banks, hospitals and major retail organisations.  Printless is a service based on this platform, allowing UK businesses to acquire the solution at no cost and deploy in a multi-vendor fleet, saving 30% or more on current costs.
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Interim commercial management for a major international outsourcing organisation

Our client was struggling to find sufficient resources to provide commercial support for an influx of new bids and recent successful sales. Based on previous successful engagements with this client, Acert was selected to provide an interim commercial manager to augment the existing commercial team. Our consultant was embedded into a series of bid teams (the majority of which were to prove successful) and was then retained to manage the contract drafting and negotiation of a £40m+ IT outsource engagement.
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Transforming CEVA’s Outsourcing Model

CEVA is one of the world’s leading logistics and supply-chain management companies and has over 40,000 employees spread across more than 160 countries. With a long history of outsourcing its IT Infrastructure and applications support services in a piecemeal fashion, CEVA wanted to transform all its arrangements into a single global managed services agreement. In addition, it sought to move away from all existing input-based charging models, replacing them with an outcome-based, solution oriented contract.
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Managed print project management and procurement for a global enterprise client

Having grown massively both organically and by acquisition, this large media conglomerate recognised the opportunity for business improvement and savings to be realised from a shared services approach. A substantial IT innovation project had been established right across the scope of technology for the business. In-house and office (managed) print was one of eight categories targeted.
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