Managing the psychology of a procurement exercise should have equal weight with good quality planning and execution. Our services are structured in line with the typical procurement sequence outlined below:

  • Needs Analysis – a formal discovery process on scope and objectives, linked to benefits realisation and possibly risk/reward
  • Specification Build – combine needs with a solid understanding of market offerings to build a specification suitable for all bidders
  • Vendor Research and Selection – mapping capability to success criteria, process-backed and drawing on deep market knowledge
  • RFx Development and Management – thorough approach designed to capture market innovation and achieve comparable bids on time, ensuring that all criteria are applied to final selection by the client
  • Decision Support and Commercial Negotiation – Acert’s own particular take on the final selection process, to ensure absolutely comparable offers, with clear evaluation criteria and absolute decision support transparency
  • Transition Support and Management – a high-quality project approach to realising the vision embodied in the agreement
  • Ongoing Review – service and price benchmarking, performance health checks, supporting the letter AND spirit of the agreement with proactive review and assessment of planned benefits realisation
  • Exit Support and Management – optimum timing and negotiation for separation or short/long term contract extension.

As highly experienced former bid specialists for global IT solution vendors, we bring a deep understanding of vendor motivations, behaviours, focus and methods.  We bring our experiences of working as both buyers and sellers of services to maximise the benefits of formal procurement processes in IT.

Related work

Market entry for a multi-year managed service

Nearing the expiry of a 5-year IT comprehensive managed services agreement, the POA wanted assistance with market entry and scoping of replacement services, as well as a chance to compare the incumbent provider with current market offerings.
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Market entry support for a major IT managed services procurement

Analysis of the IT services and infrastructure landscape at the TUC as part of our strategy development had revealed the opportunity for a broad and holistic upgrade approach, involving consolidation of several service elements. Our recommendations for market entry were endorsed by the new vCIO and sanctioned by the TUC management team. The desired outcome would be a ‘one-stop shop’ covering WAN, secure hybrid hosting, Office 365 with Skype for Business and a managed backup/DR solution in a three to five-year agreement, with built-in benchmarking, renegotiation and termination options.
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IT Strategy delivery projects for a national trade unions body

Following Acert’s strategic consultancy report for the TUC in Summer 2016, the senior executive team were keen to establish the IT steering group and appoint a part-time (virtual) Chief Information Officer, as well as to commission work on the IT risk register. Earlier analysis having revealed some onerous service agreements no longer fit for purpose, there was also an appetite to negotiate early savings where possible.
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Cloud automation solution for a leading IT managed services company

Our client needed specialist procurement help to acquire a cloud automation solution that would enable them to offer their own clients faster and more agile hosting solutions – with speed to revenue as a primary driver.
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Driving telecom savings from market aggregation

A key business partner made us aware that a number of organisations in the hospitality sector were in the market for new telecoms provision. We knew that there was an opportunity for significant savings improvement through collaborative aggregation. We therefore approached each organisation with the savings proposition and established the core membership of an ad hoc procurement group.
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WAN Procurement

Following a successful telecoms procurement engagement with this national hospitals client, we were invited to propose for procurement of their MPLS WAN, as the current agreement was expiring soon.
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Managed Print for a London hospitals group

Acert’s initial work on spend analysis with this London-based private hospitals client had revealed a significant expenditure category in printing and copying. Further investigation established that current agreements for copiers and printers were over-extended and under-performing. The large number of individual printers in place also indicated large benefit potential from a device consolidation and managed print solution initiative.
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Transforming CEVA’s Outsourcing Model

CEVA is one of the world’s leading logistics and supply-chain management companies and has over 40,000 employees spread across more than 160 countries. With a long history of outsourcing its IT Infrastructure and applications support services in a piecemeal fashion, CEVA wanted to transform all its arrangements into a single global managed services agreement. In addition, it sought to move away from all existing input-based charging models, replacing them with an outcome-based, solution oriented contract.
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