Changes in technology and the scope of its deployment economic deployment have led to changes in the way that organisations now measure and assess their own performance, identify and exploit future opportunities and interface with their stakeholders, business partners, prospects and customers.

The sheer pace of evolution means that many organisations simply risk being left behind.

Our Digital Transformation Services are the means by which you can challenge your thinking, re-imagine and confront what the future holds and then design, advocate and deliver effective change.

We believe that a series of short clearly defined, controlled and measurable projects, punctuated by fully-informed checkpoints is the best way to ensure successful outcomes.

Our services therefore focus on the practical organisational realities of people, process, technology and business strategy.

We have helped a number of organisations to identify and realise the benefits of embracing digital disruption including:

  • better exploiting the proliferation of data in all areas of their business
  • addressing client demands for faster, more personalised and more transparent services
  • increasing the speed and accuracy of product/service development and improving customer choice
  • engaging more effectively with 3rd parties and the world at large.


In conjunction with one of our valued clients we recently developed a digital maturity model – a self-scoring health-check tool that checks progress across six major categories and forty sub-elements, such as

  • Strategic approach – Digital vision, Investment, Leadership, Objectives, Partners and Governance
  • CRM – Functionality, Accuracy, Stakeholders, Feedback
  • Communications – Enquiries, E-mail, Mobile, Social Media, Video
  • Web presence – Outsource and Hosting, Content strategy/management, Design, SEO
  • Data – Management, Protection/GDPR, Insight/Analytics, Security
  • IT and Systems – Policies, Systems and Hosting, Network and Security, Intranet, Remote working, Support and ServiceDesk

Practical steps


Understand the real 'why' of digital and what it means for your organisation


Define what can be done to create value and address changing expectations and opportunities


Identify where and how you can effect changes to support your strategy


Deliver your new strategy and future business design in a staged and controlled way

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