Data Asset Register towards GDPR compliance

Supporting Strategic Imperatives

With important historical data and records spanning many decades, the TUC takes data protection and security very seriously; new legislation in the Trades Union Act and the General Data Protection Regulations brought that further into focus during 2016.

As part of previous strategic consultancy work, Acert had worked on an outline Data Asset register for the TUC; what was needed next was an interview and data capture programme to fully populate the register, assign risk, engage with the key stakeholders and contemplate remedial work.  This was undertaken in close collaboration with the Head of Information and Records; the register was completed in mid-Q1 of 2017.

Enduring Operational Impact

With the register offering a baseline and a date tracking component for updates, it is now being used to monitor progress and to quickly analyse content based on risk and other important criteria; an essential management tool in planning data security and retention policies for the future.