Sales agency with ongoing strategic support

Building on Success

Keen to pursue its agenda for the Printless offering in the UK, our client extended its pilot agreement with us in order to maintain continuity and exploit market potential with current and potential partners, among enterprise clients, and also in the public sector.

Managing the Cost of Sale

Employing a below-the-line strategy to avoid the need for large investment in building market presence, Acert built the initial sales pipeline from its own network and contacts database, with additional strategic research and targeted activity in certain category areas in order to widen the net.  This has created a regular flow of sales engagements, system demonstrations and opportunity development actvities, with examples covering up to multi-million annual page counts in areas such as global logistics, NHS Mental Health Trusts and outsourced IT services.

Value to the Client

For a fraction of the cost of operating a fully-fledged UK subsidiary, our client has been able to project a virtual presence and demonstrate ongoing market continuity, for more than 2 years.  Acert resources are on hand to seek and close business, negotiate the contracts, project manage transitions and support ongoing continuous service improvement.