Sales improvement in IT managed services

The Challenge for the Client

Our client is a £100m pa managed services business.  While their responses to formal RFP documents were solid and demonstrably successful, they had identified that a proportion of their sales teams often struggled to structure and write ’freeform’ sales proposals.

Building on Success

Based on successful previous engagements to update areas of their Service Catalogue and draft boilerplate proposal materials, the client asked Acert to provide training on sales writing to their regional sales teams.

We started by reviewing a number of their successful and unsuccessful sales proposals.  Based on our findings, we then formulated a tailored version of our proposal training.  The training itself was delivered as a half-day session added to regional sales meetings.  Additional time was allocated over the following weeks to review proposals before they were published– facilitating one-to-one coaching and further developing the competency of individuals.

Value to the Client

The syllabus focussed on the practical skills required to formulate proposals that are easier to write, easier to read and that contain a clear and persuasive business case.  Feedback from the client confirmed that the training has improved both the speed, quality and success of the sales team’s output.