Selecting the right IT partner for the Fostering Network

Strategy into Action

The Fostering Network is the UK’s leading fostering charity.  Following a strategic review of their internal IT, they concluded that they urgently needed to refresh their infrastructure and systems and that a formal procurement process was required.  Acert was recommended to design and support the market entry programme.


In the absence of clearly defined specifications we adopted a three-stage approach with formal evaluation and scoring at each step.  Firstly, a Request for Information was drafted and sent out to potential suppliers requesting expressions of interest and some key company data.  The responses enabled us to refine the list for receipt of an RFP.

Our Request for Proposal set out the Fostering Network’s organisational requirements and asked for each bidder‘s most cost-effective solution.  Using the solutions suggested in the responses, we worked with the client to decide upon the best fit for them.

The third and final stage was a final Request for Quotation with a defined specification and a structured quotation template.

Selection and Contracting

Once the client had selected their preferred bidder we worked to negotiate terms with the successful supplier, ensuring that the formal proposal was translated into contractual deliverables: documenting transition, services, key processes and obligations, change control and exit procedures as well as the SLA and Service Credit regime.

Creativity Rewarded

Our creative approach to the Fostering Network’s situation meant that they were able to define their future IT strategy in a highly cost-effective manner, in course of selecting its delivery partner.  They benefitted from a well-defined five-year investment structure and a contract that balanced the needs of both parties.