Driving telecom savings from market aggregation

Building Consensus

A key business partner made us aware that a number of organisations in the hospitality sector were in the market for new telecoms provision.  We knew that there was an opportunity for significant savings improvement through collaborative aggregation.  We therefore approached each organisation with the savings proposition and established the core membership of an ad hoc procurement group.

We ran a short recruitment campaign and attracted more clients to bring their requirements to the project, eventually resulting in a combined annual spend of £1.2m.  Our expert associates ran a solid RFx process and bid summit negotiation over the next two months, resulting in individual agreements , with each client benefitting from the collective negotiated outcome.

Tangible Savings for all Participants

The successful bidder was a national telecoms provider with a high-quality service, excellent references and highly competitive pricing. Resulting savings ranged between 19-32%, with an overall average saving of 24% of the aggregated spend.